Does your yoga practice feel like just another thing on your to-do list?

Do you have a hard time slowing down your daily pace?

Are you riddled with guilt if you don’t get to your mat?

If your yoga practice no longer captivates you as it once did or feels difficult to get yourself to do…it’s not you. It’s your practice.

You’ve evolved. Now it’s time for your yoga practice to grow too.

It's normal in your yoga journey to come to a point when it needs to shift and adapt to your ever-unfolding path through life.

I call this the Journey Home.

This adventure is your first step to taking yoga off of the mat and using yoga as it was meant to be used - to live peacefully.

You’ve already tried…

  • Free classes on YouTube
  • Yoga challenges
  • Yoga apps with an abundance of class options
  • Picking your own practice based on how you feel

These practices may satisfy you for the time being but they only scratch the surface of what you seek - a practice that doesn’t feel like something you should do but want to do with ease.

Your yoga purpose has changed and your practice needs a new direction.

It's time to breathe life back into your practice by rediscovering your unique yoga purpose.

It's time to begin the Journey Home.

Imagine a yoga practice that…

  • Feels personalized to your evolving needs as a practitioner day-to-day
  • Helps you accept where you’re at - no matter your current limitations
  • Guides the peace you find on the mat, off into your daily life

Your yoga purpose is about creating a practice that sustains you so that you can show up consistently, on and off the mat.

Journey Home is for you if...

  • You want to slow down but aren’t sure how
  • You want consistency & to understand why you self-sabotage your practice
  • You want to explore your practice beyond Asana, the physical practice of yoga

What Makes the Journey Home Method Different

I know how difficult it can be to keep that peaceful yoga bliss that you get when you finish an Asana class. My method encourages you to dig deeper into self-discovery during this blissful state so you can continue to bring this awareness throughout your day. 

I use four yogic practices to guide you through the layers of self-doubt and confusion to your yoga purpose. I thoughtfully combine vinyasa and yin to gently introduce you to a slower pace of life. And the entire 30 days of practice purposely tap into your chakras to build consistency.


Consistency may be your foe, but it’ll be your friend for the next 30 days. Consider this your devotion to your practice.


The physical practice of yoga isn’t going anywhere. In fact, yoga classes are the framework we use to tap into the layers beyond the physical sensations. 30 yoga classes - a mix of vinyasa, yin, & gentle are included.


Self-study and care over improvement is focused on here. Adventure deeper through daily journal prompts that uncover blocks, desires, and peel away unwanted layers.


Contemplate your true self through the practice of meditation. 4 meditations, one for each week, are included.

Why journey with me?

I spent 5 years travelling the world, searching for excitement, meaning, and fulfillment in far off destinations. No where truly felt like home. No where gave me the feeling of security and comfort that I craved in order to slow down

I saw each new destination as a tick off of my list, a place that was done, conquered, and explored (just like my yoga practice).

Despite living my dream life, I felt like I was constantly on the run. Slowing down felt uncomfortable.

Fast forward through an identity crisis, many self-help books, and courses delving into spirituality…I found myself doing one thing consistently that helped me to feel at home - yoga.

Yoga, for me, was first about being more flexible, losing weight, and getting in shape. But it transitioned to a place of discovery, contemplation, and exploration.

My yoga changed to support my evolving sense of self so I no longer had to chase fulfillment in destinations. Instead, I learned to journey inward. I journeyed home.

Your Soul Journey Awaits


Do I have to practice everyday?

Nope! While the adventure is designed to practice daily, you can take an many breaks as you need between classes. What's more important is practicing the classes in order as I intentionally build the classes on each other.

What is the daily time commitment?

40 minutes - 1 hour. This can be done at one time or you can do the practices for the day at different times. For example, do the Asana class in the morning, but the meditation and journaling in the evening.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Forever! This course is yours to keep, however I do recommend finishing it within 90 days or shorter for the best results.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of this program, you get full access to the entire course upon investment and thus refunds will not be accepted.